US (w/ Ray Rodriguez)

US (w/ Ray Rodriguez)

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[ep.80] We welcome back Ray Rodriguez for a journey down the rabbit hole into Jordan Peele’s new nightmare, Us. Plus, early reactions of DC’s Shazam!, and thoughts on Leaving Neverland, Queer Eye, Pen15, and much more. WBAM!

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GUEST: Ray Rodriguez (@raysiff on Instagram and @MangoEmoji on Twitter)

Ep 80 Shownotes

  • Intro
  • News
    • Google Stadia (00:03:34)
  • Ketchup
    • Ray – Run With the Wind, FFIX (00:09:52)
    • Drew – Shazam!, Pen15, Shrill (00:18:38)
    • Hunter – Queer Eye (00:30:24)
    • Ernest – Crashing, Catastrophe, Leaving Neverland (00:39:24)
  • Review: Us (01:03:13)
    • Spoilers (01:21:08)
      • Slashfilm article:
  • Outro (02:25:17)

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