Favorite Jake Gyllenhaal Performances / VELVET BUZZSAW (w/ Greg Noonan)

Favorite Jake Gyllenhaal Performances / VELVET BUZZSAW (w/ Greg Noonan)

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[ep.73] Greg Noonan makes his WBAM debut to review Dan Gilroy’s Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix. We also talk our favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performances and touch on a bunch of things we’ve been watching, including Cold War, the two Fyre Festival documentaries, Bandersnatch, Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean, and much more.  WBAM!

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GUEST: Greg Noonan (@GNSlaughter on Twitter).

Ep 73 Shownotes

    • Intro
    • News 
        • Eric Andre movie Bad Trip (00:02:04)
      • Batfleck out (00:05:49)
    • Ketchup Korner
        • Drew – Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean, Conan Without Borders (00:16:31)
        • Hunter – Cold War, Wizard of Oz 80th anniversary, The Before Trilogy, KH3 (00:27:19)
        • Greg – The West Wing, Halt and Catch Fire (00:45:25)
        • Ernest – True Detective, Lodge 49 (00:50:37)
        • Bandersnatch (00:55:17)
      • Fyre (00:59:41)
  • Review
    • Velvet Buzzsaw (01:15:12)
  • Topical review/segment
    • Favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performances (01:43:36)
  • Outro (02:01:14)

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