CREED II, Adam Sandler, Anderson .Paak (w/ Harry Sayer)

CREED II, Adam Sandler, Anderson .Paak (w/ Harry Sayer)

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[ep.64] Our resident Rocky guest, Harry Sayer, returns to review Creed II with us. We touch on that new The Lion King trailer, some Black Friday Blu-Ray buys, and new music from Anderson .Paak. Plus, thoughts on Forever on Prime Video and Adam Sandler 100% Fresh on Netflix. WBAM!

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Special thanks to Rafael Calderon for the weekly upload.

Ep 64 Shownotes

  • Intro
  • News
    • Blu Friday (00:02:10)
    • The lion king  (00:08:25)
  • Listening
    • Anderson .paak  (00:15:54)
  • Watching
    • Adam Sandler 100% Fresh  (00:28:11)
    • Forever (00:37:36)
    • Legends of Tomorrow (00:40:47)
  • Review
    • Creed II  (00:44:44)
    • Spoilers  (01:06:46)
  • Outro  (01:28:33)

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