EIGHTH GRADE (w/ Camila Calderon)

EIGHTH GRADE (w/ Camila Calderon)

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[ep.48] Ernest and Drew are joined by Camila, Ernest’s sister,  to discuss Bo Burnham’s new (and first) film, Eighth Grade. Drew recaps his recent trip to New York, and Camila recommends some podcasts she’s been listening to. They also talk about Orange Is The New Black, Girls, High Maintenance, 10 Things I Hate About You, Animals., and more. WBAM!

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GUEST: Camila Calderon (@camila.calderon on Instagram)

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Special thanks to Rafael Calderon for the weekly upload.

Ep 48 Shownotes

  • Intro
    • Drew’s Big City Adventure (00:02:55)
  • News
    • Picard returns (00:16:02)
  • Cami’s pod corner (00:18:22)
    • Unqualified, The Off-Book Podcast, Punch Up The Jam
  • Watching
    • Animals. (00:24:50)
    • High Maintenance (00:27:48)
    • Girls (00:32:13)
    • 10 things I hate about you (00:39:08)
    • OITNB (00:48:06)
    • Bo Burnham – ‘what.’ and ‘Make Happy’ (00:54:53)
  • Review: Eighth Grade (01:05:20)
    • SPOILERS (01:35:40)
  • Outro (02:09:43)

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