I, TONYA, LOVE, SIMON, and The Grammys

I, TONYA, LOVE, SIMON, and The Grammys

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[ep. 22] | It’s a sniffy pod this week as the guys power through the great flu epidemic of 2018 to give you their thoughts on the Grammys, plus recent viewings of I, Tonya and Molly’s Game from Drew, an advance screening of Love, Simon from Hunter, and Star Trek Discovery from Ernest. They also touch on The Good Place, Versace: American Crime Story, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, and the Noah Baumbach classic, Kicking and Screaming. This pod is not contagious, but please make sure to take your vitamins and stay hydrated. WBAM!

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  • Intro
  • News
    • Grammy Awards (00:02:05)
    • Black Panther: The Album (00:13:40)
    • The First Purge Controversy (00:16:21)
  • What we’ve been watching
    • Love, Simon (00:18:28)
    • A Futile and Stupid Gesture (00:28:41)
    • Versace American Crime Story (00:36:59)
    • The Good Place (00:42:48)
      • SPOILERS (00:44:17)
    • Star Trek Discovery (00:45:58)
    • Kicking and Screaming (1995) (00:50:33)
    • Molly’s Game (01:04:05)
    • I, Tonya (01:16:36)
  • Outro (01:39:30)

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