Best DCOMs and Drew’s Mystery Hot Take — WE FOUGHT A MIC (feat. Gaia Rose)

Best DCOMs and Drew’s Mystery Hot Take — WE FOUGHT A MIC (feat. Gaia Rose)

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[ep. 13] | The guys welcome Gaia, their first ever female guest, this week to help them inaugurate a new segment — WE FOUGHT A MIC. Drew has a mystery hot take at the ready, and they all attempt to debate what is the one true best Disney Channel Original Movie. Plus, they discuss seeing Fall Out Boy live, THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, and the Season 4 (and series?) finale of NATHAN FOR YOU: FINDING FRANCES. All this and more (including a call to a certain Tommy Wiseau) on this week’s WBAM!

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  • Intro
    • Fan mail (00:01:58)
  • Movie/TV news 
    • No more Marvel shows on Netflix (Fox deal dead?) (00:07:48)
    • Star Wars: Rian Johnson to develop Star Wars ep 10, 11, 12; live action TV show confirmed (00:11:48)
    • Amazon confirms LOTR prequel series (00:15:47)
    • Louis CK (00:19:23)
      • Jesse Lacey
  • What we’ve been reading 
    • The Disaster Artist (00:27:57)
  • What we’ve been watching
  • We Fought a Mic 
    • Drew’s mystery hot take (01:25:22)
    • What is the best Disney Channel Original Movie? (01:43:48)
  • Outro (01:55:55)

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